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The verdict: Best antivirus package overall. Superior performance + Many added features. Save 80% on the newest 2020 Edition via our link!

Company Background

The company behind TotalAV is SS Protect. They are based in Hampshire, UK and have approximately 40 employees. They also have offices in Venice, California.

Security Features

From the free version to the premium versions, TotalAV is a feature rich program. The free version includes all the basics needed to keep you and your device safe. It’s lightweight, yet powerful. There are three tiers to the premium version, with the Ultimate package giving you the basics available in the free version plus real-time protection, protection for your smartphone, and more.

TotalAV scored high points in detecting phishing sites against test samples and outperformed phishing protection software that is built into several Internet browsers.

Additional Features

TotalAV’s Ultimate antivirus package includes a password manager called the Safe Password Vault, a VPN, as well as Smartphone Optimizer & Protection. This security feature is an all-in-one cross-platform feature that will keep you protected no matter where you are, in the office, at home, or on the go. With the Optimizer, you are able to accelerate performance while securely browsing, not to mention boost your phone’s memory.

An additional Safe Browsing VPN add-on means you can remain fully anonymous while on the go. (Note, this add-on is sold separately.)

Ease of Use & Performance

Tired of confusing UI (User Interface) that are difficult to navigate? Then TotalAV is the clear winner. Its main dashboard is well laid out and broken down into four feature areas that are clearly identified and easy to follow. Navigating this main dashboard is a breeze.

Even before you get to the point of where you open your new program, TotalAV wows with its straightforward download and install. No need to spend hours choosing options and setting up various features manually.

Whatever platform you’re working on, Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android, you can be sure that this lightweight, yet powerful program won’t impact your work or play. System processes are streamlined allowing you to do what you need to do.

An added benefit from a performance standpoint is TotalAV is continuously checking your system — looking for issues that could impact performance, then dealing with them. Also, if you’re at a point where your hard drive is nearly full, and you’re constantly looking for things to delete, TotalAV has a feature that searches out duplicates and gets rid of them. All of this is carried out in the background without impacting the speed of your system.

Number of Licenses & Package Details

If you’re looking for the free version, you can download it onto a single device, but be aware, this is not the full-featured program.

If you choose the full program, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you essentially have a testing period with the product. This zero risk offer alone should be enough to get you to give TotalAV a try!

There are some significant additions in the ultimate package and these include the Password Vault, Smart Phone Optimizer & Protection for both iOS and Android devices, and the Safe Surfing VPN. If these are programs that you don’t already have, then looking at the Ultimate package is definitely a good idea. VPNs are becoming more and more necessary for protecting our data and protecting ourselves against those who would spy on us. So it may be that despite the higher cost the Ultimate version is the most cost-effective for you.

Note that while the TotalAV free version is an excellent program, it does not include real-time protection. So my opinion is you should opt for going to one of the premium versions even if you decide on the lower end premium version.

Customer Support

TotalAV offers stellar support. You have an option of searching their knowledge base articles and FAQs or going right to the source and contacting them via phone, email, or chat.

Bottom Line

The free version is very capable when it comes to malware protection, but my recommendation is to take a look at the midrange antivirus Pro package, at the very least. The amazing protection, coupled with awesome added features and stellar customer support make this one a clear winner!

TotalAV Products Comparison

TotalAV Ultimate Antivirus
TotalAV Antivirus Pro
TotalAV Essential Antivirus
PC, Mac, Android, iOS
PC, Mac, Android, iOS
PC, Mac, Android, iOS
Number of Device Licenses
Advanced Ransomware Protection
Real-Time Antivirus Protection
Virus, Trojans Adware Spyware & Malware Protection
Protection against Phishing Scams
Free Up System Space with Disk Cleaner
PC Performance & Optimization Tools
Remote Firewall Protection
Stay Safe Online With Web Shield Extension
Web Browser Cleaner & Manager
Antivirus eBook
Safe Password Vault
24/7 Priority Super-Fast Support
Smartphone Optimizer & Protection
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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TotalAV User Reviews
  • "Runs unnoticed in the background. Ever since I got this TotalAV program, I was done with virus problems or the like of. Am very content!"
  • "Managed to remove a virus :) Great antivirus - even the free version! :)"
  • "It's very good. My PC runs faster. I will recommend it. Pity that the pro version isn't for free."
  • "has cleaned up my computer and improved how it runs immensely. A+!"
  • "I'm happy with the free virus scan of totalav. The scans are done well and fast."
  • "Hello ... In this digital age, it's absolutely essential to have your personal information devices protected from spyware, adware, phishing or even bots and or exploitware. I think TotalAV has these tasks well under control ... and they have small added features to clean the cache, keep the RAM memory and the network clean .... I'm definitely happy with TotalAV and can recommend this software with good Conscience! Greetings DD."
  • "In my circle of friends, I was the first with virus protection for the mobile phone. At the beginning of 2019! Thanks to TotalAV even for free! I also installed the cleaner. Highly recommended, both programs. It's a good feeling to surf safely..."
  • "So far, very satisfied, is really good, except for the permanently annoying upgrades questions."
  • "Pretty extensive security suite. For over 2 years this has been my software of choice for PC security. Extensive functions are already integrated in the free version, but I switched to the pro version to get even more. Recommended overall!"
  • "the free antivirus works great but they want me to buy the paid version of the software - quite cheeky in my view..."
  • "Very easy to use and improves system resources. I would recommend this product to all my friends and acquaintances."
  • "Very satisfied with my purchase - thanks for the recommendation. The price is very reasonable for the number of functions offered and my PC seems to be much faster than before !!"
  • "my sister has recommended this site and it works really well, thanks"
  • "Very user friendly. Good safety features and great price!"
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