Best Mac Antivirus Software 2020

If you own a Mac and want to know which antivirus software offers the best protection, you've come to the right place. On this website we list the best antivirus for Macs available in 2020. Every product in this list has been chosen because it's especially designed to protect Mac systems and has scored highly at identifying and removing viruses and malware.

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product of the year 2020
Save 80%

Award-winning antivirus. Trusted by 10 million users around the world.

  • Unbeatable in terms of Value-For-Money
  • Multi-level virus protection and outstanding detection rate
  • Includes VPN, Firewall and many other security enhancements
  • Save 80% on the newest 2020 Edition via our link!
Best Overall
From US$19.00
Save 50%

Get The Best Security For Your Mac or PC with Unbeatable Malware Protection.

  • Award-Winning Mac Security. Trusted by Millions Since 1997.
  • Achieved perfect scores by Independent Test Labs
  • Advanced parental controls for keeping kids safe online
  • Save 50% On The 2020 Edition via our link
Great For Mac
From US$24.99
Save 50%

Norton is one of the most well-known brands in the competitive antivirus business - and with good reason...

  • Protect your PC, Mac or mobile device
  • Won the 'Best Protection Award' from AV-TEST
  • Virus Protection Promise (Money Back Guarantee)
  • Best Parental Control features
Best Family Protection
From US$39.99
Save 40%

Avira Antivirus is a German company with more than 30 years of experience, so quality is guaranteed

  • First class malware protection
  • Effortlessly detects all known ransomware threats
  • Capable of repairing damaged files
  • Lightweight updates don't impact system speeds
Premium Protection
From US$47.99
Save 50%

Advanced machine learning antivirus with many added features at an incredible price + a FREE VPN. Highly recommended new security package!

  • Highest levels of protection
  • A free VPN included in every package
  • Clean user interface
  • No performance impact
From US$35.49
Save 75%
PC Protect

This 'ultimate antivirus' offers an antivirus engine, real-time protection, firewall, ad blocking, disk cleaning, startup program management, a browser manager and more.

  • One of the most accurate malware detectors
  • Received 4.6/5 Trustscore on Trustpilot (from 673 reviews)
  • Offers tune-up tools for optimizing system performance
  • Does not hog resources or slow you down, even on an old PC
From US$24.95
Save 50%

BullGuard is characterized by high ease of use, comprehensive protection and practical additional functions at an incredible price point.

  • Incredible features for an unbeatable price
  • Exceptional anti-malware with 3 layers of protection
  • Fast, easy to handle and manage
  • Patent pending Game Booster for gamers
From US$29.99

Bitdefender security solutions are constantly collecting top marks from various testing centers and publications worldwide

  • PC MAG Editor's Choice - 6 years in a row!
  • Absolute security for Windows, Android, Mac and iOS
  • 500 million satisfied users worldwide
  • Parental control offers parents additional online security
Offer Not Available

McAfee has won more than 50 awards for virus protection last year

  • Protection for 10 Devices at an unbeatable price
  • Very user friendly application, installation and control
  • Protects 325 million devices worldwide
  • AV-TEST rated McAfee 6/6 for performance
Offer Not Available

Avast protects your computer well and contains several important security tools to keep your system free from viruses and hackers.

  • Excellent Scores in Third-Party Lab Testing
  • Very good free version of the software
  • E-Mails without spam - keeps your inbox clean
  • Gamer mode is a must if you play many games online
Offer Not Available

Do Macs really need antivirus software?

Despite the fact that Macs may be attacked less often than other platforms such as Windows, they are not invincible.

It’s true that Macs are generally more secure than their Windows brethren for two reasons: Technically, Macs are more difficult to exploit than Windows PCs. Apple is very security-conscious and its operating systems tend to be harder to infiltrate than Windows ones.

The second reason is that there are fewer Macs than there are Windows PCs. So when it comes to Macs, there are fewer targets for cybercriminials to exploit and these are harder to hack. A few years ago, Mac users simply weren’t big enough fish to fry.

However, Macs are growing in popularity, so if you own a Mac, don’t let the above make you overconfident. The threat of malware has increased for Mac users in a short space of time. Detected threats are up by more than 60% from the fourth quarter of 2018 to the first quarter of 2019. Adware is also becoming more prevalent, with an increase of over 200% for the same period.

Cybercriminals are becoming smarter and greedier. Worldwide, it has now been estimated that cyber crime is hauling in more money than the global drug trade!

So the risks are increasing, which is why you need protection. As a result, cyber security is more important than ever, and a good antivirus is the best place to start if you want to stay safe online.

How Antivirus Software Helps You Stay Protected Online

It’s amazing that most people won’t think twice about wearing a seatbelt or a protective helmet when riding a bike, but think they can spend hours surfing the web visiting all kinds of websites without a decent antivirus software to protect them.

A comprehensive antivirus package will keep your Mac malware-free, will make your device run faster and protect you from any potential ransomware, phishing or other attack on your private files and photos.

The top Mac antivirus programs we recommend above will run in the background, without clogging up your system, so you won’t even know it’s there protecting you most of the time, while keeping your computer safe from all the usual suspects: viruses, Trojan horses, worms, and other forms of malware.

In addition to anti malware protection, a decent security suite also provides plenty of privacy and security features such as two-way firewalls, social media protection and, if you have kids, plenty of parental controls.

Should I get a free Mac antivirus?

While there are fewer decent free antivirus tools available for Mac than for windows, it is always better to install a free antivirus than none at all.

Having said that, there are some obvious added benefits to getting a paid premium security suite. A free antivirus will not offer you a firewall, VPN to protect your security, constant security updates in real time, parental control, automatic data back up and email and ransomware protection.

Like everything in life, you get what you pay for and if you want to surf the web without any concerns for you privacy, we highly recommend you spend a few bucks on getting the best security for your Mac.

The paid versions typically offer annual subscriptions that cost less than $50. If you are still not sure, we currently have a special offer on Intego - our favorite Mac antivirus. You can buy the full protection suite for only $24.99, reduced from $49.99! That’s a 50% discount which you can grab now via our link.

You wouldn’t leave your door unlocked at home at night. Your Mac and iPhone also need the best locks in order to keep you safe. In the end, it’s much easier to prevent an attack, than to clean up the damage once you’ve already been targeted.


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